Giving Back - Our Morning at Second Harvest Heartland

Giving Back - Our Morning at Second Harvest Heartland

December 14, 2021

Giving back is always on the forefront of our minds and our hearts. This time of year, everyone seems to be doing something charitable. Whether it’s ringing bells for the Salvation Army, participating in a Toys for Tots drive, helping out at the local soup kitchen or rounding up their purchases at the cash register for a good cause. The holidays are a time where we can all look back, realize how fortunate we are, and donate our time and money to helping others.

Our team is charitably inclined, and we strive to participate in several community events throughout the year. From park cleanup, to food drives, to our most recent activity with Second Harvest Heartland right here in Brooklyn Park.

A couple of weeks ago, our team participated in food packing at Second Harvest Heartland alongside a group of other volunteers that morning. Specifically, we were packing onions! We gathered onions in a bin while closely inspecting them and discarding any that had gone bad, then we would pack them into red bags, each weighing 40lbs, and the staff at Second Harvest Heartland took them to their distribution centers.

Throughout the morning, our team and the other volunteers were able to package over 11,000lbs of onions, and contribute to over 9,000 meals for local families in need.

If you’re looking for opportunities to give back, look no further than your community. There are undoubtedly opportunities to help the homeless, feed the hungry, provide warm clothes and toys to children, or help a faith-based organization. If you’re wondering how to donate money, talk to your advisor about Donor Advised Funds, appreciated stock, or Qualified Charitable Distributions to see if any of these strategies would accomplish your charitable goals while also providing you with tax benefits.

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