Small Business Owners

You have put time, money, and hard work into building a successful business. As a business owner, it is critical to take appropriate measures to protect yourself and your company. From tax planning to financial planning and risk management, our full-service team of financial advisors helps business owners choose appropriate investment, insurance, and financial planning options for their unique business situation.


At the Priebe Wealth Management, our advisors take a full-service, team approach to financial planning for business owners. Our financial advisors, along with our staff work with our clients’ accountants, tax advisors, bankers, and other professional organizations to deliver a comprehensive financial plan that sets the course toward an independent financial future.


Owning a business offers a wealth of tax advantages, from employee retirement plan contributions to charitable giving. We work with business owners to evaluate, identify, and advise on opportunities for tax planning. We take into account all areas of the business, recognizing tax planning opportunities and implementing future tax planning strategies.


As wealth management advisors, we offer investment education and asset allocation advice to business owners, helping them make sound investment decisions. Our full-service approach begins with educating business owners on risk tolerance, investment options, and asset allocation platforms. Our investment management services continue throughout the life of the partnership, with ongoing monitoring and recommendations on their investment portfolio.


Plain and simple, who will take over your company once you are gone? Do you have an exit strategy in place? Often, business owners have dreams of their son or daughter some day taking over the company. Succession Planning offers business owners the opportunity to strategically plan for the future of the business they have worked so hard to build.


As every business is unique, so are the risks associated with each business type. As risk management advisors, we work with our clients to fully understand their business, the risks associated with their business, and implement proper insurance strategies to protect their business from incident. We also work with clients to ensure that their business entity remains separate from their personal assets, protecting them from threat, compromise, or complete loss.


Who are the key people within your organization? These are the people that keep your business running, day in and day out. Without them, the ship would sink. Key Person Insurance is a valuable option for companies that would go out of business without the active involvement of certain key individuals. Key Person Insurance offers businesses options other than bankruptcy, while finding a replacement for a key person or people.

*Neither LPL Financial, nor its registered representatives, offer tax or legal advice. Always consult a qualified tax advisor for information as to how taxes may affect your particular situation.

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